May 29, 2020

Made in Queensland response to COVID-19

Made in Queensland response to COVID-19

The Queensland Government and ICN Queensland want to make members of business community more self-reliant.

The webpage at is providing businesses and manufacturers with opportunities to work together to provide new products and services and to reduce reliance on imports.

The emphasis is on shortening supply chains and reducing the risk of relying on imports. 

Fill out an Expression of Interest (EOI) for ‘MakingItForQld – what do you need to be made in Queensland’

It includes what products or services are needed to be bought from Queensland manufacturers and how the state’s manufacturing industry can shift to better support business. 

Manufacturing is a priority and interest in diversifying, re-tooling, scaling-up, pivoting or changing can be made by filling out an EOI for ‘MakingItForQld during and after COVID-19’.